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This study used shotgun proteomics to study the proteomes of mouse embryonic stem cell sub-cellular compartments. Whole embryonic stem cell lysates were fractionated into nuclear and cytoplasmic components using low-speed centrifugation. We then used 1-Dimensional gel-based fractionation to separate the nuclear and cytoplasmic samples into 5 fractions each (Song et al, 2012). The data provided here correspond to one each of these fractions for the nuclear (Nuc) sample and the cytoplasmic (Cyto) samples.

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Taxonomy: Mus musculus


Song J, Saha S, Gokulrangan G, Tesar PJ, Ewing RM. DNA and chromatin modification networks distinguish stem cell pluripotent ground states. Molecular & cellular proteomics : MCP. 2012; 11(10):1036-47 (PubMed).